Member Selection Process

HTAi and the HTAi Policy Forum

HTAi has a mission is to support and promote the development, communication, understanding and use of HTA around the world as a scientifically based means of promoting the introduction of effective innovations and the effective use of resources in health care.

The HTAi Policy Forum provides a unique opportunity for senior representatives from public and private sector organisations with strategic interests in HTA and health system decision-making to meet one another, members of the HTAi Board and invited international experts for strategic discussions about the present state of HTA, its development and implications for health systems and policy. The aim of the Forum is to provide leadership by debating key and emerging issues in HTA between, on the one hand, those leading HTA and coverage systems and, on the other, industry, taking account of the perspectives of patients, clinicians and the public. For more details about the HTAi Policy Forum, see Frequently Asked Questions

Member Selection Process

1. The HTAi Board of Directors follows clear and established guidelines for Policy Forum membership, which allow for the invitation of new members and the review of existing memberships. The HTAi Executive Committee has been empowered by the Board of Directors to make final membership decisions and to issue invitations to organizations that have expressed interest to join the HTAi Policy Forum and been judged to be best placed to contribute.

2. From time to time, HTAi issues a call for expressions of interest (EOI) for Policy Forum membership.

3. EOIs for Policy Forum membership are welcomed from organisations that are organisational members of HTAi and are either:

a. Organisations with formal responsibilities within a health care system to make HTA-based decisions or provide HTA-based advice on coverage or pricing of treatments—whether based on HTA conducted in-house or by others. Note that in systems, countries or regions where formal organisations of this kind do not exist, or they exist but are not prepared or able to apply to be Forum members, other organisations actively involved in advising on these areas may be considered for membership.

b. Manufacturers of drugs, diagnostics and/or devices that are committed to and have experience of conducting HTA and using HTA evidence to support proposals for the use of their products around the world.

4. Companies that are partially or wholly-owned subsidiaries of current Policy Forum member organizations can apply for independent membership in the Forum if they (a) have a separate corporate identity from the parent company and (b) work in an area sufficiently distinct from the parent company so as to bring greater diversity of relevant views and expertise to the Forum. The relationship of the subsidiary company to the parent company should be clearly explained in the EOI submission.

5. Expressions of interest should comprise a short document (no more than 4 pages) that includes:

a. confirmation that the organisation is an organizational member of HTAi;

b. an overview of the organisation, indicating its role and activities associated with HTA (and explaining how it fullfils the criteria at 3a or 3b above);

c. reasons for seeking to join the Policy Forum and the contribution the organization expects to make to the Forum;

d. a short biography of the people in the organisation who will participate in the Policy Forum and the particular expertise and experience they bring; and,

e. a statement of intent to join the Policy Forum for a minimum of three years.

6. Forum members are chosen on the basis of:

a. their fit with the membership criteria at 3a or b, 5a and 5e above;

b. the extent to which they are seen as leaders in the use of HTA in decision making—nationally, regionally and/or internationally;

c. the seniority and appropriateness of the staff they propose to send to Forum meetings; and,

d. their fit with and likely contribution to HTAi’s strategic goals for the Policy Forum and for the wider Society.

7. EOIs from organisations that meet the basic requirements of 3a or b, 5a, and 5e above will be reviewed in relation to the full set of criteria described at 6 above. The organisation(s) with the highest score(s) will be invited to occupy any available space(s) for that category of member (3a or 3b) in the Forum.

8. Any remaining organisation with high scoring EOIs will then be reviewed alongside current Forum members who have completed their initial membership commitment of three years. These current members will be ranked according to their contribution to Policy Forum activities and the criteria described above. If through this process any shortlisted applicants are considered stronger potential Forum members than any current members, the current member(s) may be asked to relinquish Forum membership to make room for the new member(s).

9. All decisions on Policy Forum membership are made by the HTAi Executive Committee on behalf of the HTAi Board on the basis of analysis and advice from the Policy Forum Committee.