Information Retrieval

HTAi Interest Group on Information Retrieval (IRG)

The Information Retrieval Group (IRG) of HTAi is an Interest Group for individuals who provide the information resources, conduct research, and develop information management issues that support HTA decision making. Members of the IRG are staff members of HTA organizations, government departments and agencies, for profit and not for profit firms, consultants and experts, and all those who use, provide, or otherwise support HTA information needs.

The IRG was established in 1997 as a Special Interest Group of ISTAHC, and has continued as an Interest Group of HTAi since the launch of HTAi in 2003. The IRG has around 150 members working in a wide variety of capacities to support informed decision HTA decision making.

Group activities

The IRIG is active in developing, collaborating on, and promoting information retrieval methods and technologies appropriate to HTA

  • developing and maintaining the HTAi Vortal, a web-based source of HTA information available to anyone;
  • leading full-day workshops, panel sessions and educational courses at HTAi’s Annual Meetings; and,
  • exchanging information and sharing expertise for advancing processes, methodology and tools.


All members of HTAi are welcome to join the IRIG, requests to join can be sent via the IRIG e-mail listserver. To join, simply log in to the website and return to this page. A link to join the IG mailing list will appear automatically. 

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IRIG Chairmanship (June 2017)

Chair: Dr. Siw Waffenschmidt (Germany), 2017-2019
Chair-Elect: Ingrid Harboe (Norway), 2017-2019

Executive Committee

David Kaunelis (Canada), 2017-2019
Lisa Tjosvold (Canada), 2017-2019

Past Chairmanship

Ingrid Harboe (Norway), Chair (2015-2017)
Jaana Isojärvi (Finland), Chair-Elect (2015-2016)
David Kaunelis (Canada), Chair (2013-2015)
Catherine Voutier (Australia), Chair (2011-2013)
Sari Ormstad (Norway), Chair (2009-2011)
Malene Fabricius Jensen (Denmark), Chair (2007-2009)
Becky Skidmore (Canada), Chair (2005-2007)
Elaine Alligood (United States), Chair (2003-2005)
Susan Bidwell (New Zealand), Chair (2001-2003)
Ione Auston (United States), Chair (1999-2001)

Past Executive Team Members

Catherine Voutier, (Australia), Executive Committee member (2015-2017)
Dagmara Chojecki (Canada), Executive Committee member (2015-2017)

Questions about the work of this group or its membership should be sent to the Chair, Siw Waffenschmidt, or Chair-Elect, Ingrid Harboe.