HTA in Developing Countries

HTAi Interest Group on HTA in Developing Countries


The HTAi Interest Group on Developing Countries (HTAi DC IG) was established in 2008, during the Annual Meeting at Montreal, Canada. IG  provides a platform to the members from developing countries to share experiences, discuss needs, challenges and  solutions, raise HTA awareness, share opportunities for education and training and work together.


The group is a communication platform for HTAi members from developing countries. Other members who are interested in learning about ongoing developments in these settings and who would like to participate and contribute are also welcome to join. The members share their experiences, developments and activities in their settings, share resources and announcements , discuss ideas and projects. This is a platform to help advance HTA at a global level.

Members communicate through an email list-serve, the HTAi website and Facebook Group. Annual business meeting is held each year during the HTAi annual meeting.

Aims and objectives:

  • Provide a platform within HTAi for discussion of the HTA needs,challenges and solutions pertaining to developing countries.
  • Promote understanding of the concept of Health Technology Assessment in developing countries, among professionals, policy makers, academia, industry, health insurance sector, patients,consumer organizations and people in general
  • Facilitate the initiation of HTA activities in developing countries
  • Strengthen and refine HTA activities that are already in existence
  • Promote linkage and partnership between HTAi members (individuals and institutions) in developing and developed countries
  • Promote linkage between international organizations (including WHO, PAHO etc) and public and private sector national / regional bodies in developing countries

Yours sincerely

Dr. Rabia Kahveci (Turkey)

Chair, HTAi DC IG

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Interest Group Chair: Dr. Rabia Kahveci (Turkey)

Steering Committee: Andres Pichon Riviere (Argentina), Jani Mueller (S. Africa), Temirkhan Kulkhan (Kazakhstan), Yingyao Chen (China), Joseph L. Mathew (India), Paulo Picon (Brazil)

Assistant: Meltem Nuzumlalı

IG Secretary: Esra Meltem Koc (Turkey)

Past Chairs: Joseph L. Mathew (India), Paulo Picon (Brazil)

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