Early Career Network

HTAi Early Career Network


Established in 2011, the HTAi Early Career Network helps to connect young professionals or those new to the field of HTA. The Network helps members to share resources, methods, and information, build expertise, and develop contacts. It seeks to bring together people from various backgrounds, and aims to enrich professional development and promote awareness of HTA and international developments.

IG Activities

Initially, the Early Career Network will work to share information, announcements, resources, and other discussions through the group’s webpage, email list serve, and Facebook Group. The Network will also provide a networking icebreaker at HTAi Annual Meetings for young professionals and new attendees.

Future activities may include formal collaborations, discussion papers, mentorship support, or other initiatives suggested by members.

Terms of Reference

Aims and Objectives

  • Provide an environment where young people of various cultures and backgrounds can share knowledge, ideas and interests among them and work together towards harmonization of HTA in different countries and work environments.

  • Horizontally connect young people in all different IG in the HTAi.

  • Serve as a platform to bring together people from different backgrounds, and it can serve to enrich and enhance professional development for its membership while creating long lasting ties within HTAi.

  • Act as a venue for sharing experiences and resources, and potentially lead to a more formal collaboration in the future.

  • Present a basis for stating the opinions and considerations regarding the relevant HTA topics- preparing position papers.

  • The members of network should act as ambassadors and enable knowledge transfer among countries.

  • Promote awareness and enlarge knowledge on HTA in their local environments. This could be implemented through enabling the exchange of members of the network and “hosting” colleagues in different HTA organizations and institutions globally.

  • Keep up to date with the latest HTA developments with access to an extensive range of reports and articles.


Denny John (India)
Maoling Wei (China)

Executive Team (2017)

Adeyemi Adebowale Sylvester (Nigeria)
Beibei Yuan (China)
Myeong Soo Lee (South Korea)
Jian Ming (China)

Past Chairs

Dr. Emmanuel Ankrah Odame (Ghana), 2013-2017
Eva Turk (Slovenia), 2011-2012

For questions on the Interest Groups interestgroups@htai.org

HTAi Membership:  https://www.xcdsystem.com/htai/member/

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