Initiative for Public Health Outcomes Research & Measurement (INPHORM)

Public health interventions are preventative health technologies according to the agreed definition of health technology. They are supposed to have a substantial impact on health and health care systems, but the assessment and the consequences on health are not sufficiently analysed, for multiple reasons: difficulties to measure the impact (indirect and/or direct consequences), lack of standardised methodologies and evidence based approaches, no special focus of HTA units and bodies, etc…

The empowerment of citizens and professionals and the focus on prevention as a way to ensure health care systems sustainability seems to be crucial. In this context, nutrition has been increasingly addressed in the last decade and proposals on how to evaluate its impact on health and economy have been raised by the academia and HTA community.

Nutrition-related disorders put an increasing pressure on health care budgets and also represent a considerable burden in terms of human capital, both in developing and developed countries.

INPHORM is an Interest Group of HTAi for individuals who are involved in the research, assessment and/or management of public health interventions and a special focus nutrition-related health states and socio-economic outcomes from a broad perspective, including the individual and the societal level.

Some of the major challenges for this IG reside in the fact that food is for everybody, whether healthy or diseased, that it is based on individual choices rather than on knowledgeable prescription and not subject to reimbursement, except for specific cases. 

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This IG will start offering new perspectives for better understanding the principles and the particular characteristics of the relationship between the consumption of a food product/diet and (future) health disorders and elaborate on nutrition economic and health outcome assessments as a support for health policy development in an evidence- and health-benefit based manner. These could be translated to other public health interventions and initiatives.

Call for project proposals

Nutrition exemplifies all the types of public health interventions and policy which need evaluating across the health field. The time is now ripe to grasp the opportunity of this new IG and to get actively engaged.

INPHORM Chairmanship and Executive Committee

  • Chair:  Irene Lenoir-Wijnkoop (The Netherlands, France)
  • Contact with the HTAi Board: Iñaki Gutiérrez-Ibarluzea (Basque Country, Spain)