Green Park Collaborative

The Green Park Collaborative

The Green Park Collaborative (GPC) is an international pilot initiative that is exploring the scientific feasibility of developing guidance for the life science industry on the design of clinical studies to meet the needs of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) organizations and coverage bodies. The aim is to produce prototype “evidence guidance documents” which will provide therapeutic-area specific trial design recommendation, as well as general methodological advice that can be applied across therapeutic areas. The purpose of this guidance is to reduce the uncertainty currently faced by the life sciences industry regarding the evidentiary preferences of HTA and coverage bodies, to improve the relevance of clinical research, and to improve patient access to useful innovations. Prototype guidance documents produced by the GPC are not intended to represent consensus statements on the part of all participant organizations, but rather demonstrate the feasibility of and inform the subsequent development of guidance beyond the prototype phase.

The GPC is chaired jointly by HTAi and the Center for Medical Technology Policy (CMTP).