Interest Groups

HTAi's Interest Groups (IGs)

HTAi's Interest Groups serve as hubs for sharing international experiences and expertise among HTA users and producers worldwide.

All members of HTAi are invited to join one or more Interest Group!

How to join

Visit individual Interest Group web pages for instructions on how to join. Further enquiries can be directed to the HTAi Secretariat

All members of HTAi are welcome to participate in one of more of the IGs. To join, simply log in to the website and visit the IG page you wish you join. A link to join the IG mailing list will appear automatically. 

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Governance information

HTAi's IGs are supported by the HTAi Secretariat and are governed under the following framework:

Governance of Interest Groups - Update, late October 2016

Funding Allocation of Interest Groups

Interest Group Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Interest Group Steering Committee TOR (updated April 2016)