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The HTAi Interest Group on Developing Countries (HTAi DC IG) is a response to a long-felt need of HTAi members for a platform to share experiences, contribute support and work towards the initiation and/or sustenance of HTA related activities in developing countries. This IG was formally launched at the 2008 HTAi Annual Meeting at Montreal, Canada.

The first meeting of the HTAi DC IG was held on 8 July 2008 during the Annual Meeting, during which a small group discussed the possible role and scope of the Interest Group. Owing to limitations of time, it was decided that the Chair, HTAi DC IG would prepare and circulate a working document among the members present for comments and suggestions. The original proposal presented to HTAi in March 2008 was modified based on the inputs at the first meeting and circulated as the second draft on July 15, 2008. Comments and suggestions received till 15 August 2008 were incorporated and circulated as a third draft, for finalization/ confirmation. Inputs received thereafter were incorporated and the draft was finalized as the HTAi DC IG working document on 1 September 2008. The final HTAi DC IG working document is available in the 'IG Files' area for this group. I thank everyone involved for their participation and cooperation in this process.

I take this opportunity to invite HTAi members at the individual, institutional and organizational levels, with an interest in developing countries to support and contribute to this process. A list of current members is also available in the 'IG Files' area for this group.

Yours sincerely

Joseph L. Mathew

Chair, HTAi DC IG

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IG chairs: Rabia Kahveci & Paulo Picon

As of 2012, the DC IG has over 100 members!

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