HTAi-INAHTA Interest Group on Ethical Issues in HTA

Welcome to the INAHTA/HTAi Ethics Interest Group(EIG) site. This is a unique group which is comprised of members from one or both international organizations. It was originally established by the Board of the International Network of Agencies in Health Technology Assessment (INAHTA) in 2004 and then further expanded into an interest group of HTAi in 2005.

Resources and methodological tools

Current Terms of Reference


The current objectives as established by the general membership are:

  • to develop an organizational structure and processes to ensure that the main goals of its membership are achievable;
  • to coordinate and prepare educational resources on ethics in HTA; and,
  • to develop practical approaches for identifying and handling ethical issues in HTA

Benefits of membership

Several benefits previously identified by our community of practice include:

  • networking opportunity to make connections with others internationally in the field of ethics;
  • opportunities (participation at workshops, panel sessions, etc.) to share and exchange expertise on processes, methodologies and tools; and,
  • learning more about ethics in HTA.

Join this IG

IG co-chairs: Wija Oortwijn and Gert-Jan van der Wilt

As of 2012, the Ethics ISG has over 50 members!

All members of HTAi are welcome to participate in this IG. To join, simply log in to the website and return to this page. A link to join the IG mailing list will appear automatically.

Non-members of HTAi are also welcome express interest in joining this IG, with membership pending approval of the IG chair. For enquiries, please contact the HTAi Secretariat.