Conditional Coverage/Access with Evidence Development

HTAi Interest Sub-Group on Conditional Coverage and Evidence Development for Promising Technologies

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Message from the ISG Chair:

Health Technology Assessment International and the Center for Medical Technology Policy are pleased to lead a blog that will support regulator communication and information sharing for the ISG on Conditional Coverage/Access with Evidence Development.  

This site will provide a simple platform through which ISG members can easily follow recent news and share information on CED, AED and related forms of conditional coverage and “managed entry”.

To begin with, we plan to post a blog entry on the site every few weeks, and an email notification will be sent to all ISG listserv members. Our hope is that these posts will stimulate discussion among ISG members and can serve as a forum for sharing information and advancing work on these topics. We also welcome suggestions for future topics and content.   The web site will allow you to send an email to the Blog Moderator listed on the Contact page, which will then be posted on the site.  You are encouraged to send links to interesting articles, presentations, meetings, etc, and feel free to write a short comment or blog that others may be of interest to other ISG members.

Please be sure to subscribe to the blog by entering your email address on the right side of the home page.

Thank you for your continued interest, and we look forward to a robust exchange of ideas and information among ISG members.

Sean Tunis, Center for Medical Technology Policy

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ISG chair: Sean Tunis

As of 2012, the ISG has over 250 members!

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