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Dues 2016-2017

Individual Members

All figures are U.S. dollars

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Upper Middle Income Country*—renew current membership


Upper Middle Income Countrynew membership
Lower Middle Income Country*
renew current membership
Lower Middle Income Country
new membership 


Low Income Country*renew current and new membership


Students/Trainees/Patient and consumer volunteers**  renew current and new membership


Organisational Members ***

For profit organisations


Nonprofit organisations


Nonprofit organisations—Low Income Country

$100 + ($10.00 X n)

Nonprofit organisations—Middle Income Country

$400 + ($83.00 X n)

All members of HTAi receive electronic access to current and past issues of the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care by logging into the HTAi website and then clicking on the journal icon on the home page.

* HTAi uses the most current World Bank classification of High, Middle, and Low income countries for membership dues purposes.

** Eligibility for the Patient/Consumer Volunteer membership category is restricted to individuals who encounter HTA through their roles as patients, careers, or consumers, and who do not encounter HTA through paid employment. New members in this category are asked to submit a brief statement describing their involvement with HTA to the HTAi Secretariat.

*** Organisational members can have up to five individuals registered under one organisational membership.