Member Organizations


  • Five individual memberships, including online Journal subscriptions
  • Eligibility to apply for membership in the HTAi Policy Forum
  • Listing of the organization's membership on the HTAi website
  • Access to HTAi Advertisement page to submit job postings and RFPs

Memberships are available for organizations wanting to collaborate. HTAi has over 75 organizational members.

Non-profit Organizations

  1. AETSA: Andalusian Regional Ministry of Health
  2. AGENAS: National Agency for Regional Health Services
  3. Agency for Quality & Accreditation in Health (Croatia)
  4. AHRQ: Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality, Center for Outcomes and Evidence (USA)
  5. AHTAPol: Agency for HTA in Poland
  6. AHS: Alberta Health Services
  7. AIFA: Italian Medicines Agency
  8. ANHTA: Ankara Numune Training & Research
  9. Australian Government, Department of Health & Ageing: MSAC
  10. Australian Government, Department of Health & Ageing: PBAC
  11. avalia-t. Galician Agency for Health Technology Assessment
  12. BlueCrossBlueShield Association
  13. CADTH: Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health
  14. CENETEC SALUD: National Center for Health Technology Excellence
  15. CMTP: Center for Medical Technology Policy (USA)
  16. CNHDRC: China National Health Development Research Center
  18. Department of Health, Basque Government
  19. HAS: French National Authority for Health
  20. Health Authority: Abu Dhabi
  21. HIQA: Health Information and Quality Authority (Ireland)
  22. HIRA: Health Insurance Review and Assessment
  23. Hospital Clinic Porto Alegre
  24. ICER: Institute for Clinical & Economic Review (USA)
  25. IETS: The Institute for Health Technology Assessment (Colombia)
  26. IHE: Institute of Health Economics (Canada)
  27. INESSS: Québec government agency responsible for health services and technology assessment
  28. IQWiG: Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (Germany)
  29. Kaiser Permanente (USA)
  30. MTAA: Medical Technology Association of Australia
  31. Ministry of Health, Malaysia
  32. Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  33. National Institute for Health & Welfare (Finland)
  34. National University of Columbia
  35. NECA: National Evidence-based healthcare Collaborating Agency
  36. NETSCC: NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre
  37. NHS Lothian (Scotland)
  38. NICE: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (UK)
  39. NOKC: Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services
  40. PHARMAC: Pharmaceutical Management Agency of New Zealand
  41. Queensland Health
  42. RedArets: Public HTA network of Argentina
  43. SBU: Swedish Council on HTA
  44. State Health Care Accreditation Agency (Lithuania)
  45. Swiss Sickness Funds Insurance Body
  46. UCB Pharma Ltd
  47. University of Calgary
  48. University of Sheffield
  49. Zorginstituut Nederland (National Health Care Institute)