HTAi's Interest Sub-Groups (ISGs)

HTAi's ISGs serve as hubs for sharing international experiences and expertise among HTA users and producers worldwide.

HTAi hosts ISGs in the following areas:

Get involved! Join an ISG

All members of HTAi are invited to join one or more ISG!

How to join

Visit individual ISG web pages for instructions on how to join. Questions about how to join or general equiries can be directed to the HTAi Secretariat

Non-members of HTAi are also welcome express interest in joining an ISG, with membership pending approval of the ISG chair(s). For enquiries, please contact the HTAi Secretariatjavascript:linkTo_UnCryptMailto('kygjrm8gldmYfryg,mpe');isg@htai.org.

Governance information

HTAi's ISGs are supported by the HTAi Secretariat and are governed under the following framework:

Governance of Interest Sub-Groups

From time to time HTAi may allocate limited funding to support the work of ISGs. Funding allocation is governed by the following guidelines:

Guidelines for the allocation of funding to support ISG activities