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HTAi Policy Forum: Overview

HTAi’s mission is to support and promote the development, communication, understanding and use of HTA around the world as a scientifically based means of promoting the introduction of effective innovations and the effective use of resources in health care.

The HTAi Policy Forum provides a unique opportunity for senior people from public and private sector organizations using HTA to support decisions or recommendations about product development and coverage to meet one another, members of the HTAi Board, and invited international experts, for strategic discussions about the present state of HTA, its development and implications for health care systems, industry, patients and other stakeholders. The aim of the Forum is to provide an environment where senior people can engage in strategic discussions informed by the perspectives of their different organizations without the constraints associated with discussions of specific products or organizational policies.

Membership in the HTAi Policy Forum is by application. From time to time (typically around April each year) HTAi issues calls for Expressions of Interest in joining the Policy Forum. Final decisions on membership are made by the HTAi Board of Directors on advice from the Policy Forum Committee.

Call for Expressions of Interest from not-for-profit organisation to join the HTAi Policy Forum

HTAi is calling for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) in joining the HTAi Policy Forum

HTAi is pleased that the value of the HTAi Policy Forum is being increasingly recognised and that there is increasing demand for membership. Following discussion with current Forum member organisations, HTAi decided in 2013 to undertake a modest and carefully managed expansion of the Forum. This call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) in joining the Forum is part of this process.  

This call applies to not-for-profit organizations only since there is a slightly greater number of for-profit members than not-for-profit members, and it is important to HTAi and the integrity of the Forum that the balance between these different types of member organizations is maintained. The next call for EOI is expected to be issued in Spring 2015 and to be open to both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Deadline for submissions is April 28, 2014 at 23:59 (GMT). 

EOIs should be submitted to the HTAi Secretariat

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Policy Forum Member Selection Process (updated March 2014)

Questions? Contact the HTAi Secretariat.


EOI are invited from not-for-profit organisational members of HTAi with formal responsibilities within a health care system to make HTA-based decisions or provide HTA-based advice on coverage or pricing of treatments – whether based on HTA conducted in-house or by others. (Note that in systems, countries or regions where formal organisations of this kind do not exist, or they exist but are not prepared or able to apply to be Forum members, other organisations actively involved in advising on these areas may be considered for membership)

EOI should comprise a short document (no more than 4 pages) that includes:

a. Confirmation that the organisation is an organizational member of HTAi;

b. An overview of the organisation, stating its nature (for-profit or not-for-profit and legal structure), mission, remit, and organisation

c. Reasons for seeking to join the Policy Forum and the contribution the organization expects to make to the Forum;

d. A short biography of the people in the organisation who will participate in the Policy Forum and the particular expertise and experience they bring; and,

e. A statement of intent to join the Policy Forum for a minimum of three years.

Full details of the EOI submission and review process and criteria are available in the Member Selection Process Guideline.  Final decisions on the EOI received will be taken by the Executive Committee and communicated to organisations in May 2014, with the expectation that those selected to join the Forum will attend the next Forum meeting to be held on the morning of Sunday, June 15, 2014 immediately prior to the HTAi Annual Meeting in Washington.

Papers of the HTAi Policy Forum: Free access now available

Each year, the discussions of the HTAi Policy Forum are published in the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care. Free access to these papers is available below, along with links to other Policy Forum grey literature (e.g., background papers).

"Health Technology Assessment, value-based decision making, and innovation"
C. Henshall & T. Schuller on behalf of the HTAi Policy Forum (deliberations of the 2013 meeting) Provisional PDF available ahead of publication.

Background paper: HTA & Value (preparation for the 2013 Policy Forum discussion on HTA & Value).

"Using Health Technology Assessment to Support Optimal Use of Technologies in Current Practice: The Challenge of "Disinvestment"" 
C. Henshall, T. Schuller, L. Mardhani-Bayne on behalf of the HTAi Policy Forum (deliberations from the 2012 meeting)

"Interactions between health technology assessment, coverage, and regulatory processes: emerging issues, goals, and opportunities"
C. Henshall, L. Mardhani-Bayne, K. Fronsdal, M. Klemp on behalf of the HTAi Policy Forum (deliberations from the 2011 meeting) 

"What principles should govern the use of managed entry agreements?"
M. Klemp, K. Fronsdal, K. Facey on behalf of the HTAi Policy Forum (deliberations from the 2010 meeting)

“HTA to optimize health technology utilization: using implementation initiatives and monitoring processes”  
K. Fronsdal, K. Facey, M. Klemp et al. on behalf of the HTAi Policy Forum (deliberations from the 2009 meeting)

"Harmonization of evidence requirements in HTA for reimbursement decision-making"
J. Hutton, P. Trueman, K. Facey on behalf of the HTAi Policy Forum (deliberations from the 2008 meeting)

"Coverage with Evidence Development: an examination of conceptual and policy issues"
J. Hutton, P. Trueman, C. Henshall on behalf of the HTAi Policy Forum (deliberations from the 2007 meeting)

For more information

Policy Forum Committee

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Policy Forum Member Selection Process (updated March 2014)

Questions? Contact the HTAi Secretariat.

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